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22, November 03,
Thank you for visiting the free birthday cards website. This site is fast becoming one of the most visited e-greeting websites in the UK! I am in the process of re-making the site and i've put it on it's own domain as you can see. I don't have much bandwidth at the moment so i've had to limit the free birthday cards to two per section. Hopefully if I can generate some income from the site I can expand the selection!

If you would like to send your parents a free birthday card, this section is for you.
Is it your grandma or grandads birthday soon? Don't forget, send them a surprise e-greeting here!
Why not surprise your grandson or granddaughter with one of our special free birthday cards!
Don't forget your brother or sister's birthday! Send them a free card on the cheap here!
If you can't get a proper birthday card for your son or daughter, send them one of these! I'm sure they'll appreciate it.
You might as well send your cousin, auntie or uncle a birthday card too, it's free and it's only once a year!
I'm sure your nephew or niece will be amazed that you've remembered their birthday, send them a card here!
Send your loved one be it wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or friend a great free birthday card here!

We're looking for designers!

Free Birthday Cards is looking for designers to help us create birthday cards for use on our site. The site (as it stands) is none profit, although we will be introducing advertising to cover bandwidth in the near future.

If you're interested in working with us on the site, then please contact us and we'll sort something out!

Thanks For Visting!

We hoped you enjoyed visiting the site as much as I enjoyed building it, have you looked at our Grandson/Granddaughter or Cousin/Auntie/Uncle free birthday cards!.

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Now that you have a card why not get a present?

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